DynoForms is revolutionizing mobile healthcare

We are empowering healthcare companies to change the game by providing industry-first patient health dashboards and insights while eliminating paper, improving efficiency and increasing time for care. DynoForms is a mobile and web solution that streamlines every aspect of a care provider’s job in gathering, managing and sharing important patient data. Fully HIPAA compliant, DynoForms is the fastest way to capture, manage and share critical patient data and dashboards with care providers, families and physicians, all on one device at your patient's bedside or residence. We have over 250 million forms to prove it!

Visualize Patient Health like never before

Visualizing patient health on mobile devices for nurses, care givers, doctors and families is revolutionizing healthcare. WIth DynoForms it is possible to deliver on-demand patient health insights and data with our powerful mobile dashboard technology paired with our world-class data capture technology. We are the only solution in the market that is capturing any form of patient data and providing completely custom patient health dashboards, reports and visual alerts to any mobile device. Our visualization technology can deliver bar charts, pie charts, line charts, donut charts, bubble charts, candlestick charts and more. Patient dashboards are always on demand, immediate and in real time.

Go beyond data visualization with our intelligent agents that can inspect health data and call special attention to health concerns, highlight data trends or provide visual alerts to any event or threshold in the health data to increase quality of care and better inform loved ones.

Today thousands of nurses are using DynoForms each day to see how a patient’s health is trending from prior shifts (or any day in the past) and they use our custom dashboards and intelligent agents for alerts to vital concerns, seizures or other critical patient events. Also families use our patient dashboards on their personal mobile or tablet device to securely track their loved one’s health in real time.

In addition, the mobile device can go with the patient to a doctor’s appointment so that a doctor can see any health dashboard, note or data gathered on the patient by simply entering a date search in our dashboards.


Charting and Patient Data Gathering

Patient charting and documentation is a crucial component of proper patient care and DynoForms significantly reduces the time necessary for not only capturing patient data, but it altogether eliminates paper form filing, transcribing, scanning, printing and faxing.

DynoForms reduces cost and allows care providers to spend more time with their patients. Today nurses use DynoForms to chart everything from vitals and measurements to intakes and outputs. Anything that can be done on paper can be captured within DynoForms to include drawings, sketches and even signatures. Plus DynoForms can capture information that paper cannot, such as photos and scanning of bar codes.


CMS Form 485 Generation 

Form CMS-485 meets the regulatory requirements (State and Federal) for both the physician's home health plan of care and home health certification and recertification requirements. DynoForms makes it easy to create a mobile-optimized 485 form that will automatically create a compliant 485 PDF document after submittal.

ICD10 Code Lookups 

Easily integrate CMS ICD10 diagnosis and procedural code lookups into your forms with our ICD10 databases. Simply enter a partial text search for the description and with a simple tap we will add the proper code and short or long descritions of the code in your form.

Nurse Clock In/Out 

Replace expensive IVR’s or paper timesheets with clock in/out capabilities on the same mobile or tablet device that nurses use for patient charting.

Today customers use DynoForms to save thousands every month on proprietary time tracking systems.

Nurse Supervision and Training 

Today healthcare companies use DynoForms to not only track patient and client health but also to perform nurse supervisory visits and track training activities easily on the mobile device.

In addition training and informational documents can be distributed through DynoForms for nurses to leverage on site at any time.

Task Management 

Create and Schedule tasks for your mobile care workers.

Care workers have a mobile task list which includes detailed task information, client and contact information, address and turn-by-turn directions, form/workfow to fill out and provides the ability to update and close tasks as they are completed.

Time and Location Compliance and Auditing 

All data captured by DynoForms includes GPS coordinates and datetime information so that managers always know when and where a nurse was in completing forms, clocking in or performing other activities.

From our management portal managers can click and view within Google Maps exactly where a nurse was in performing their work. Easily confirm a nurse’s location and time of arrival to a patient’s location.

Custom Business Processes 

DynoForms is the only solution on the market which allows for complex business logic within your forms and apps to include field validations, requiring mandatory fields, auto-populating fields, showing and hiding fields, calling 3rd party data services or supporting just about any custom business process your operation requires. Transform your static paper documents into extremely intelligent digital forms and apps leveraging our powerful tools.

PDF Document Integration 

Many customers need to integrate patient data and information into existing PDF document templates like patient consent forms, equipment rental agreements, etc. Customers have found that using traditional laptops in the field to fill out PDF documents was cumbersome and expensive.

With DynoForms customers use an easy interface to capture data on a mobile device and with our PDF document integration engine we create PDF documents automatically using existing PDF document templates. This includes digital signatures, photos and even custom bar codes for automated scanning and processing downstream. And with our secure FTP services we can create and send these PDF documents securely to any system you currently use today.

Integration with your Existing Systems 

Our healthcare customers use our web services API’s to pull raw data gathered by DynoForms into their existing EMR, reporting and back office applications. This way DynoForms extends your investments in IT without requiring you to retool your existing back office.

Want to Learn More? 

Want to see DynoForms live? Or do you need expert advice on mobilizing your business? We are here to help! Let us demonstrate how DynoForms can quickly transform your business. Please contact us at info@dynoforms.com and we will setup your free consultation with an expert.