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Data Capture
Replace paper forms with mobile forms in minutes. Text boxes, drop down lists, dates and times, checkboxes, radio buttons, toggle switches (yes/no), slider ranges (1-10, etc.), photos, bar codes, signatures, drawings. Custom validation can be added for any field.
Native Mobile App
DynoForms runs as a native mobile app on iOS or Android smartphones and tablets to make filling out mobile forms in the field fast and easy.
Web Forms
The same mobile forms available on your mobile device are also available as web forms running on any standard browser. You can even embed our web forms into your own web site or mobile apps. We can even host a site for you to contain your logo and all of your forms available to fill out.
Dispatch Forms
Start a form from the Web Management portal, partially fill out the form and immediately dispatch the form to a mobile user. The mobile user will be alerted they have a dispatched form in their drafts folder to complete.
GPS and Time Stamps
All mobile forms capture GPS coordinates and datetime information. Integrates with Google Maps so managers can see exactly where mobile forms were filled out. Easily confirm job location and time of arrival.
Photo Capture
Mobile forms can capture photos to be used for inspections, audits, verification, etc.
Barcode Scanning
Easily scan QR and barcodes to capture data within your mobile form.
Signature Capture
Capture a digital signature using your touch screen of your mobile device.
You can sketch a drawing on a blank screen or overlay an image to draw upon using your touch screen of your mobile device.
Voice to Text
Use your mobile device’s built-in voice-to-text feature to enter form data directly in your mobile form with no typing necessary.
Charts and Graphs
Create powerful mobile dashboards! No competitor can match. Display information in forms via charts and graphs to include bar charts, pie charts, line charts, donut charts, bubble charts, candlestick charts and more. Mobile forms can be more than data capture, they can also serve as management reports, business calculators and data information tools.
Upload a Database
Upload your own databases (e.g. product catalogs, customer databases, etc.) to integrate into your mobile forms. Provide search and lookup capabilities in you form to search your database and automatically fill out form fields from search results.
PDF Document Integration
If you have existing PDF forms that you want automatically filled out from a mobile form, our PDF integration tool makes this easy. Create easy-to-use mobile forms with DynoForms and let our software automatically fill out PDF documents and email them to you.
Excel Export
Search, filter and sort form data that has been submitted and then export to Excel through our online Web Management Portal.
Email Integration
Have mobile form data that is submitted emailed to any email address.
Email Routing
Send submitted forms to different email destinations based on specific data entered into any form field. Our email routing service allows you to build custom workflows for your organization via email.
Offline Mode - Mobile
DynoForms will allow you to work completely offline if you don't have an Internet connection. You can fill out mobile forms in offline mode and when you have an Internet connection DynoForms will automatically upload your forms.
Online Form Builder Tool
Our online form builder tool allows you to create mobile forms fast and easy with no software to install. Everything runs within a standard browser. Create your own custom forms in minutes with our intuitive drag and drop interface. View, run and test your mobile forms online and see exactly how they will look on mobile devices before publishing them to your workforce.
Custom Scripts/Business Logic
Creating mobile forms requires no programming. However, we provide a powerful online script editor to add scripts to your forms for field validations, calculation of fields, dynamic business logic, showing and hiding of form fields, calling web services and just about anything else you can imagine. Transform your static forms into dynamic mobile applications through simple JavaScript that runs on all platforms and devices. Great for developers who want to build custom apps.
Web Services API
Integrate DynoForms with your existing back office systems to include ERP, CRM, accounting and any other software systems. Our REST Web Services API's allow you to perform detail searches or export form data in XML or JSON format. We also provide a "create user" API so that you add users to DynoForms at the same time you add users to other software systems. This allows you to synchronize usernames and passwords.
Our online web management portal allows you to search, sort and filter form submission data and export to Excel for reporting and analytics. Or use our Web Services API to import data into your own analytical tools.
No Risk Free Trial. $14.95/user/month/unlimited. Mobilize your business in minutes, not days or weeks.

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Tasks List      Task Customer Info      Task Schedule

Work Tasks on Mobile
  • View Task and Customer Information
  • Get turn-by-turn directions in Maps
  • Update Task Progress
  • Launch Form from Task
  • Close Task and Update Scheduler

Tasks Dashboard

Create Task

Manage Tasks Online and Dispatch to Mobile
  • Schedule Tasks (jobs) to be dispatched to mobile users
  • Tasks can be assigned priority
  • Tasks can be assigned custom types (appraisal, work order, etc.)
  • Online Calendar view for team schedule
  • Task Progress can be updated in real time
  • Task progress alerts also sent via email

Tasks Scheduler

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Customers Dashboard

Manage Customer Customers

Manage customers, prospects, partners and associated information in one place:
  • Create Tasks against customers - dispatch tasks with customer information to mobile users
  • Keep detailed customer history with Notes
  • Upload customer documents which are automatically versioned
  • Associate multiple contacts with customers
  • Set dates and reminders for your next customer call
  • Export customer list to Excel
  • Import customers from Excel
  • Export any contact into your favorite email program with a single click
  • Segment customers by sales regions, types, marketing source, etc.
  • Rate your customers from hot to cold

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Guide Mobile Users through Specific Business Processes:
  • Forms can be “chained” together to support specific workflows
  • Static and dynamic workflows are supported
  • Workflows can be created based on data entered into forms
  • Forms and workflows can be configured to automatically launch on login or logout
  • Workflows are easily created through scripting

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Dashboard Example 1    Dashboard Example 2

   Dashboard Example 3
   Dashboard Example 4

Bring powerful Dashboards to your mobile users:
  • Provide instant insights and actionable data through visual dashboards
  • Completely customizable to your business needs
  • Data is real time and on-demand
  • No competitor delivers both mobile forms and mobile dashboards like DynoForms
Dashboard Gauge

Dashboard Revenue Chart

Wide range of customizable and visual charts available:
  • Bar Charts
  • Pie Charts
  • Donut Charts
  • Bubble Charts
  • Line Charts
  • Meter Gauges
  • Candlestick Charts
  • Radar Charts
  • Area Charts
  • Mekko Charts
  • Probability Density Function Chart
  • Pyramid Charts
  • Waterfall Charts
  • Bezier Curve Plots
  • Block Plots
  • Engel Curves
  • Lorenz Curves

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